Versions of package guayadeque Release Version Architectures squeeze. Mudkip-player is a combination of the Audacious 1. Mopidy-local-sqlite Mopidy extension for keeping your local library in SQLite https: This package provides a Mopidy local library extension that uses an SQLite database for keeping track of your local media. Pogo plays your music.

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It is also a novel alternative to traditional mp3 encoder applications. It provides many tools to view and manage the music collection including:. Run visualization plugins from your soundcard Plugin configurator: Playdar – wnpp music content resolver http: In the default install, the following codecs are supported: Gmerlin handles even large media collections gracefully.

Versions of package mopidy-internetarchive Release Version Architectures stretch.

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Users can use their favorite file browser to select mplater files they want encoded and copy them somewhere. Debian Multimedia Maintainers Andrej Shadura. Ele tem um layout de janela personalizado e vem — extensões para usar Last. Official Debian packages with high relevance Official Debian packages with lower relevance Debian packages in experimental Packaging has started and developers might try the packaging code in VCS No known packages available but some record of interest WNPP bug If you discover a project which looks like a good candidate for Debian Multimedia to you, lyris if mplauer have prepared an unofficial Debian package, please do not hesitate to send a description of that project to the Debian Multimedia mailing list.


lyrics plugin - mplayer

Mudkip-player is a combination of the Kplayer 1. For answers about the legal situation and the relationship of despotify with the official proprietary distribution, please see http: Remark of Mplayeer Multimedia team: Debian lyricd packages maintainers Sam Hocevar Debian packages. It provides many tools to view and manage the music collection including: Debian Multimedia Maintainers Fabian Greffrath.

GPL-2 Debian package not available Vcs. This package contains the kodi binaries. Audiotools Collection of audio handling programs for the command line http: Versions of package smtube Release Version Architectures sid. Further, users can stream their music mllayer remotely.

It has an resuming function to continue at the last timestamp. Other screenshots of package gmusicbrowser Version URL 1. In addition, having those players to arrange music that’s randomly stored, named or tagged, is usually counterproductive.

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It’s already in a stable and useable form. Genivi-audio-manager – wnpp software framework for low-level car audio management http: The source package builds three binaries: Phonon-backend-mplayer – wnpp mplayer backend for phonon http: Versions of package gmusicbrowser Release Version Architectures wheezy.

Created in by a group of like minded programmers, Kodi plugon a non-profit project run and developed by volunteers located around the world.


lyrics plugin - mplayer

Suporte a links de contexto expansíveis facilmente. Sayonara is currently available in 11 languages. The two library packages are self-explanatory.

lyrics plugin - mplayer

Despotify – wnpp Open source client for Spotify http: Versions of package smplayer-themes Release Version Architectures squeeze. Other screenshots of package freetuxtv Version URL 0. This package contains the following utilities: Versions of package audiotools Release Version Architectures buster. If your are an organized person, chances are your music collection is organized too, and you won’t like to spend your time rearranging it to follow your player’s specific rules.

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Playdar is a music content resolver service – run it on mplaywr computer you use, and you’ll be able to listen to all the songs you would otherwise be able to find manually by searching though all your computers, hard mppayer, online services, and more.

This package provides a Mopidy extension for playing music from the Internet Archive.

Mopidy-podcast Mopidy extension for searching and browsing podcasts https: