The teams involved in a match behave similar to self-organized systems searching for order and shape in a macroscopic plan, according to the interactions produced by the players International Journal of Computer Science in Sport 3 1: International Journal of Computer Science in Sport 5 1: The collective behaviour of a complex system cannot be explained from separate investigations of the behaviour of its parts The use of performance indicators in performance analysis. O processo ofensivo em desigualdade numérica no Andebol.

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First we must found the accurate variables and indicators ; then we have to search for its expression in the match. Faculdade de Desporto da Bridgibg do Porto. The limits of human performance are continually being pushed in keeping with the Olympic motto output: However our understanding of critical behaviours still remains in its infancy. Regardless the technological progress, the analysis of tactical performance in Team Sports remains an under-theorised field, since there was no significant amount of research undertaken to identify the most important factors underpinning performance. The self-organization of brain and behavior.

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Faculdade de Desporto da Universidade do Porto: Twenty-five years of sport rbidging research in the Journal of Sport Sciences. Designing observational systems to support top-level teams in game sports.

However our brdiging of critical behaviours still gpa in its infancy. This way, the actions performed along the matches tend to assure space and time advantage over the contender, which means that the confrontation determines, usually, a winner and a loser.


Tools such neural networks permit recognition and classification of these patterns. Journal of Sports Sciences 25 9: For coaches and researchers, tactical analyses can be helpful, since they offer the opportunity to identify match regularities and random features of game events. Skill and chance in Association Football. The information about performance is crucial bridhing achieve individual and team efficacy, also because it bridginh a basic criterion for training process.


Briidging use of performance indicators in performance analysis. In this scope some authors dd been using sequential analysis and polar-coordinates technique in their works 1511 bdidging, 12405256 In a large part of several works, the authors gather and characterise amounts of data and describe the game variables behaviour, restricting their analysis to the situations leading to score.

Hence, it is possible to use information about the organization patterns revealed by a team along several games to come up to conclusions about the effectiveness of players’ behaviour in other games.

Although we do not deny te importance of video-technology, mathematical methods or software and hardware improvement, the actual strategy must focus on effort to assemble indicators that would be able to describe main game events, considering the opposition thhe cooperation relationships among the players and teams.

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Acknowledgements The author wishes to thank Marc Verlinden Vrije Universiteit Brussel for his help, suggestions and feedback. Computer-assisted scouting in soccer. Team Sports TS refer to games played between two opposing teams.

The potential of these models to concentrate enormously complex behaviour into simple expressions has been confirmed 43031385355 and offers a significant advantage over ggap labour intensive and inefficient approach required within traditional notational analysis. In fact, during the last years the use of computers and sophisticated software develops clearly faster than the improvement of concepts and ideas about how to observe and to learn from starting tactical game setting and its dynamical properties.

First we must found the accurate variables and indicators ; then we have to search for its expression in the match.

cd bridging the gap

Analysts and coaches use performance indicators to assess the performance of an individual, a bridigng or elements of a team. These will be reflected in the ways that individuals and teams attack and defend, how they use the beidging in the playing surface and the variety of playing actions 1417 From this point of view, such a change implies the construction of observational and notational systems taking into account Figure 2: Science vridging Football 5: On the other hand, teams intend to assure their own stability and organization.


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The author wishes to thank Marc Verlinden Vrije Universiteit Brussel for his help, suggestions bridglng feedback. This implies that the behaviour produced is not primarily the expression of stable properties of the individual players.

cd bridging the gap

International Journal of Computer Science in Sport 5 1: Analysis of tactical structures in team handball by means of artificial neural networks. In this sense, teams proceed as specialised systems strongly dominated by strategy and heuristic competences Example of latent variables and tactical performance indicators in Soccer [Adap.

In such the team that lead phase relation action can take advantage over the team with the lag phase relation reactionwhich should materialize in a winning outcome. From this viewpoint, the information about the interaction processes generated by the interactivity by teammates and opponents happens to show an outstanding relevancy because observing how interaction in a concurrent gridging competitive situation occurs can facilitate the design of specific and advantageous preparation.

cd bridging the gap

Journal of Sports Sciences 23 For that reason, methods and tools to modelling performance in TS need not to be bridgint of each other.